Lighting Design and Installation

Landscape lighting is an effective way to add ambiance and beauty to any outdoor living space. Whether it’s a lighted walkway that introduces guests to your house, a lighting system that highlighting the beauty of your home or a picturesque garden in your backyard, we have lighting that will compliment any outdoor living space. Let us design the effect that you want for illuminating your home and begin enjoying a new view.

Garvey Rain Offers Three Different Types of Outdoor Lighting Configurations for Customers in Raleigh:

Walk-up Lighting: Lights directed at your home or up into your trees, lit driveways and walkways
Security: Motion sensors, timed lighting, and illuminated wooded areas
Landscape: Backyard, deck, patio, pool area, and more

Trivia alert: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Ultimately, the important thing to remember is that LED lights are low voltage, use less energy, and can last up to 5 times longer than standard bulbs. It’s a no-brainer!

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At only 12 volts, LED lighting requires less wiring and also burns cooler than standard lighting. We use only the best quality equipment which requires less maintenance, and our highly skilled crew is an in-house team, with many members who have been with Garvey Rain for years.

Here is What to Expect When You Hire Garvey Rain Company:

  1. Detailed proposal addressing all the critical points of the project.
  2. Schedule of events and their sequencing
  3. Protection of your property during installation
  4. A performance walk-through and instruction session at the end of the project
  5. One-Year Warranty on all parts and labor along with Manufacturer’s extended warranties.

Call Garvey Rain today at 919-852-1987 to get you started on designing your low-voltage lighting display!

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