Lighting Services

For as long as we have been in the irrigation industry, Garvey Rain Company has also designed and installed outdoor lighting in the Raleigh area. Low voltage lighting on your property will not only add drama and elegance to the look of your home, it also increases the safety of your outdoor areas at night. Have a lighting system already? Give us a call and we can repair or replace your current landscape lighting.

Here are some of the many benefits of low-voltage lighting:

  • LED lighting uses 80% less energy than incandescents
  • LED lighting can last up 50,000 hours before replacement
  • Lower energy consumption means lower utility bills
  • Stand out in your neighborhood
  • Get more hours of enjoyment out of your outdoor areas
  • LED lighting will pay for itself over time

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Raleigh, NC

landscape lighting, cary, raleigh, ncAt Garvey Rain Company, we take pride in helping you achieve a healthy landscape and helping you show it off! As one of the fastest growing areas in the country, Raleigh and the Triangle is expanding every year, bringing the construction of new neighborhoods as well as new residents moving into existing neighborhoods.

LED outdoor lighting is a great way to make your home and property your own unique creation. You work hard year-round to provide yourself and your family with a beautiful home, why allow it to be in the dark every night?

Give Garvey Rain Company a call today at 919-852-1987 and let us start designing your new outdoor lighting system today.

Garvey Rain Company is a full service lawn irrigation and low-voltage exterior lighting company serving the Raleigh area.