Irrigation Service and Repair

Your sprinkler system was not just an added amenity to your home, it was an investment which requires proper maintenance and care. Garvey Rain Company has always provided extended service and maintenance to clients for which we have installed irrigation systems. We can extend the same commitment to new clients by inspecting their system, suggesting improvements, and being responsive to their needs.

Every season calls for certain steps to ensure the extended life of your products. This may include certifying your backflow preventer, priming your pump, or just making sure your system is in compliance with local municipalities.

If you have an existing sprinkler system that was not installed by Garvey Rain Company, give us a call. We can give it a thorough inspection, suggest and perform any repairs or updates, and begin making it work for you once it has the Garvey Rain Company seal of approval.

Garvey Rain Company’s Sprinkler and Irrigation Repair Services for Raleigh:

Spring Start-Up and Winterization: It is necessary with the above ground components in your sprinkler system to have some winter-time procedures. We offer a standard winterization service that is suitable for our climate zone, and we are able to maximize this service upon request. In the spring we offer a startup service that includes restoring water to your system, inspecting all zones in operation, and programming your controller. After that, repairs can be made on a time and material basis, or if requested, we can offer estimates for more extensive work. Call to have your particular needs addressed. Why not have your outdoor lighting checked and serviced while we are there?

Backflow Preventer Certification, Installation and Repair: Your backflow preventer is what keeps your irrigation system from backing up into your water source. Garvey Rain Company can install a new backflow preventer for you or check, repair, and certify your existing backflow preventer.

Controller Programming: Evapotransportation is, in the simplest terms, the rate at which water evaporates from a plant. Our technicians can program your controller to provide the necessary amount of water to restore the water loss. We do this with historical data and the ability to rate the performance of your sprinkler system. New technologies include controllers that automatically assess on site weather conditions and incorporate it into the scheduling of the sprinkler system. Garvey Rain Company can also install add-on products that provide the same benefits without having to replace your existing controller. Ultimately, we will program your controller to the best of its ability to accomplish this task, resulting in the most efficient use of water while providing your lawn and shrubs the best chance to thrive.

System Drawings: If you do not have a drawing of your system, you may want to have Garvey Rain create a record drawing. This could save you added expenses as well as complications later. Also, in the event that you sell your property, this could be a useful tool during the selling process.

Call us today at 919-852-1987 is learn more about how Garvey Rain Company can serve all of your lawn irrigation, drainage, and exterior lighting needs.

Garvey Rain Company is a full service lawn irrigation and low-voltage exterior lighting company serving the Raleigh area.