Drainage Solutions

Proper drainage on your property is not just about avoiding puddles and muddy spots. Bad drainage can contribute to poor lawn and shrub health, and it can also endanger the structural integrity of your building or home. If your property was not graded properly, then water is not draining and dispersing, but instead gathering, collecting, or possibly backing up near your house or building. Water damage to your foundation can be costly and dangerous. Did you know that bad or faulty gutters are the leading source of water damage in homes today? This can happen when downspout drains are not adequately sloped or poorly installed.

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At Garvey Rain Company, our skilled team of experienced drainage professionals can assess your property’s current drainage or lack thereof, and provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and estimate. If you have an old property or are not sure of how well your current drainage system is working, give us a call at 919-852-1987 today.

Expert Drainage Solutions for Raleigh, Including:

Gutter Downspout Water Removal: If you have downspouts emptying next to your house, chances are moisture is settling around your home’s foundation. Garvey Rain Company can install drains to transport this water to a more advantageous area away from the house. If you have existing drains for your gutters that are clogged or damaged, we can repair them.

French Drain Installation and Repair: French Drains are trench-like systems designed to collect water in low lying areas and move it away from your building. The system consists of a perforated pipe encased in a nylon filter fabric installed in a trench surrounded with gravel. All components must be installed correctly with proper slope or the system will fail or deteriorate quickly.

Catch Basin and Channel Drain Installation and Repair: Catch basins and channel drains provide collection areas for excessive water. By employing them in strategic areas and providing proper drain pipes to extract the run-off, we can eliminate many water problems.

Rainwater Harvesting: An important factor in water drainage is to remember that Garvey Rain Company can incorporate your spill-off water into an irrigation system. This type of network can truly maximize the efficiency of water traveling through your property, affording you a dry home or building and a healthy landscape.

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