Smart Irrigation

Not so long ago, North Carolina experienced an extreme drought that forever changed how we manage our precious water resources. The irrigation industry was subject to a great deal of scrutiny at this point. More than anything, the increasing price of water has motivated the irrigation industry to respond with new techniques and products that maximize the efficient use of irrigation.

At Garvey Rain Company, we have moved forward to utilize this new technology and focus. We are committed to offering the same quality and expertise to our customers when incorporating these principles as we do with all of our projects.

Energy Efficient Sprinkler Products for Raleigh

Evapotranspiration (ET) Controller Programming

  • ET Controllers with on site Weather Stations
  • Add-on ET Weather Stations
  • Rain Sensors and Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Website Controlled Programming

Sprinkler System Evaluations

The greatest water savings can be achieved by getting the best performance out of your sprinkler system. Plugging any leaks, making sure the sprinkler zones have matched precipitation, and ensuring the sprinklers are level and to grade are all important services that can be achieved with a thorough evaluation. Garvey Rain Company can also assess opportunities to incorporate Smart Irrigation Technologies.

  • Toro Precision Nozzles- 90% efficiency with slow precipitation rates means less run-off when a mist head sprinkler needs to be used
  • Pressure-Regulated Sprinklers ensure matched performance throughout the system
  • Check Valves in the sprinklers eliminate low head drainage, which means the sprinkler pipe will not have to be refilled with water every time the sprinkler zone is activated
  • Rotary Nozzles can be used in situations where mist head nozzles were previously needed. They offer slow precipitation rates, meaning less water run-off

Alternate Water Sources

  • Cisterns
  • Wells
  • Reclaimed Water
  • Ponds

Save Money With Smart Irrigation

Not only will Smart Irrigation save you water and money, it can substantially improve your landscape. Avoid under or over watering by properly scheduling sprinklers, and install the right nozzles your sprinklers to achieve matched precipitation. Use the best sprinkler system to apply appropriate coverage without overthrow or run-off onto the sidewalk, street, or driveway.

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When you take advantage of Garvey Rain Company’s extended maintenance services and products, you are not just making your sprinkler system smarter, you are living smarter. Utilize Garvey Rain Company for all of your Smart Irrigation, drainage, and exterior lighting needs!

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