Tips & Pointers

I have always felt that having ones sprinkler system up and running as it should at the start of the growing season is the best investment a homeowner can make for their yard. Personally, I noticed a few adjustments needed in my system towards the end of last year. Now is the time to schedule a Start-up and make those adjustments and address other issues that may have developed over the winter.


1. A thorough start-up assures a homeowner that there are no leaks to drive up their water bill. Just as important, a properly programmed controller not only saves water but benefits the quality of your lawn and shrubs.

2. Technology is improving the performance of irrigation systems everyday. There may be a new product that a qualified contractor knows of, which will correct a problem that never seemed to get remedied in the past.

3. Being on site with close inspection sometimes reveals other problems in your yard; such as, drainage problems or unrelated property damage (fencing, hardscape, etc…).

4. Why not have your landscape lights looked at during the startup. We install lighting and more times than not have the parts with us to do the job.

5. The spring startup is a great opportunity to voice any future plans or concerns with the technician, so that you can be proactive in planning such projects. The technician can offer input, make recommendations, or provide online resources.

6. Every municipality has different rules on backflow preventer certifications. However, all are requiring testing. Choose a contractor that is certified to test backflow preventers, and choose a licensed plumber who is the only one who is authorized to to repair one. Go a step further and choose a NC licensed irrigation contractor to do the spring startup. GARVEY RAIN COMPANY satisfies all these criteria.