About Us

Jim Garvey has been in the field of irrigation, drainage, and outdoor lighting for over 30 years, and this year he will be celebrating Garvey Rain Company’s 20th anniversary. Jim has always made it his personal goal to ensure that customer service is the #1 focus of his business. His business model focuses on putting the customer first and keeping customers’ needs a priority for years to come.

Unsurpassed Lawn Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Services for the Raleigh Area

Since Garvey Rain Company’s services require a certain level of long-term maintenance, we strive to ensure every project is completed in a timely manner with the utmost care and consideration. We will always be sure to let our clients know up front the details of each step of their service, and we monitor the process closely as the project moves forward.

We work hard to match our clients with products and designs that are ideal for their budget and property. Taking the time to pay attention to details from the first stages through the end of the project and beyond is what makes Garvey Rain Company stand out in Raleigh as a leader in irrigation and lighting services.

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Garvey Rain Company is a full service lawn irrigation and low-voltage exterior lighting company serving the Raleigh area.